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If you fill out this form, you will be billed for this domain on your monthly statement. Additional domain forms submitted from anyone who isn't already a web hosting customer will be discarded without comment or response. Additional domains are only available for Standard, Pro, E-Biz, Bridge, or Ultra account holders. Please submit only one domain per form submitted. Additional domains are setup same business day if order is received by 3:00 pm Pacific Time. Orders received after 3:00 pm will be setup the next business day. All fields are required unless otherwise noted.

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Would you like this domain to be a regular Additional Domain, or a Low Usage Additional Domain? Click here for more information  Please be sure to select an account type or your order will be delayed.

Would you like Urchin Professional Web Traffic Analysis for this site? For more information about Urchin, click here. Please note Urchin is not available for the Low Usage Additional Domains. No
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We will setup your domain *exactly* as entered. Please be sure that your new additional domain name is registered and is spelled correctly.
To help prevent fraud, your IP Address and Hostname are logged when you submit this order.

Have a Support Question?
If you have a support related question regarding this domain, please email . Please remember to include your name, your main domain name, and all pertinent information regarding your question. The more information you include, the better we will be able to answer your questions. You may also call support at 1-888-509-8644, or 509-522-3696.

Have a Billing question or need to update your information?
If you have a billing related question regarding your web hosting account, please email . You may also email any new contact information, i.e. email address, phone number, mailing address, etc. to this address. You may also call billing at 1-888-509-8644, or 509-522-3696.

What is the difference between the Low Usage Additional Domain and a "regular" additional domain? Low Usage Additional Domains are setup on our Cobalt RaQ1 and RaQ2 servers, and do not include ASP, PHP, and SQL databases. Low Usage Additional Domains also use a shared IP address. "Regular" Additional Domains do include ASP, PHP, and SQL databases. "Regular" Additional Domains are setup on our newest production servers and also have the option of a dedicated IP address for a $5 setup fee.

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