Domain and Account Cancellation Form

Note: We would like to retain your business if at all possible. Please give us an opportunity to resolve any complaints or problems you may be having. You can email or call 1-888-509-8644 (509-522-3696) during business hours. If you cancel without even asking for help to resolve your problem, you may discover later that it would have been easier to stay with Advantagecom and simply work with us to find a solution.  Our services are constantly evolving and improving and issues you may have with your current account may be solved by a different account or a simple technical support call. This includes server performance issues, software compatibility and version issues, and amounts of included data transfer and disk space.

This form is to be used for cancelling additional services on your account or for cancelling your entire account. Full account and domain cancellations are only accepted using this form.

Requests are processed the same day we receive them. For complete details, please read our Terms of Service. If you prefer to have your cancellation request take place at a later date, please mention the date you would like the domain to be cancelled in the Additional Instructions section.

All fields are required except where noted.

First and Last name as shown on your original order

Customer ID as shown on your last bill (this is not your account username):

If you're a web hosting customer, list your main domain name. If you're an Internet access customer, list your username.

Day phone number:

Email address:

Service to cancel:

Additional services (i.e. spam filtering or any other add-on service you may have purchased)

Entire account, including *all* services

If cancelling domain(s), please list here along with each domain's IP address.

Reason for cancellation:

Additional instructions, comments? Did someone not give you the service you deserve? Let us know here. If cancelling an additional domain, please note which domain you would like the MB reallocated to.



Additional information
Please note that when cancelling your entire account, refunds *must* be requested at the time of cancellation (if you are eligible) and cannot be refunded at a later date. Refunds for prepaid additional domains and additional disk space are pro-rated at the current monthly prices. Cancellation requests are processed the same day we receive them, however cancellations received after the 25th of the month may not be reflected on your next bill.  Please refer to our Terms of Service.

Additionally, if you are cancelling your entire account, please be aware that there may be a remaining balance due for services we made available up until the date of your cancellation. If a remaining balance is due, we will notify you by email using the contact email address for your account. Payment will be due immediately upon notification. Thank you!

To help prevent fraud, your IP Address and Hostname are logged when you submit this order.

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