Request a DNS Entry

This information is only for use of customers who have a Universal Pipe account or a colocation account with DNS service with Advantagecom Networks. All other requests submitted will be discarded.

DNS entry requests are completed same business day if request is submitted before 3:00pm Pacific time. Requests submitted after 3:00pm Pacific time or on a nonbusiness day will be setup the following business day.

Please email with the following information:

  1. Your first and last name

  2. Your customer ID

  3. Your main domain

  4. What DNS entries do you need us to make?
    a. Advantagecom will do primary and secondary DNS for this domain
    b. Advantagecom will do only secondary DNS for this domain. (If yes, what is the IP address of the primary DNS?)

  5. If you have a Universal Pipe account and are using VNDS rather than our DNS server info, please list the VDNS names here. -optional

  6. Your DNS entry request(s):
    a. name of the domain you are requesting us to make a DNS entry for.
    b. IP address for this domain (address that the domain should point to)

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