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Please note that all forms submitted by those who are not already customers of Advantagecom Networks will be discarded without comment or response.

Please read the following carefully:

  • If you are wanting to cancel a domain on your account, please use our online cancellation form.

  • If you are wanting to reallocate disk space on your account, please email billing@advantagecom.net

  • If you only need to change billing periods for your account, do not submit this form. Instead email billing@advantagecom.net .

  • If you have a VPS account, please login into your account via the web based control panel to make any account changes.

  • If you are wanting to change to a VPS account, please place an order through our new automated system.

  • If you have an MDH account, please click here. When prompted, login as a current customer with the username and password you created when your MDH account was originally ordered.

  • If you have an account other than an MDH, VPS, TDS, or colocation account and you want to upgrade / downgrade to a Upipe, account, you may do so using this form.

  • If you have one of our old style Ecommerce accounts with additional domains and you wish to upgrade or downgrade one of those additional domains, you may use this form to do so. To assist in processing your request, please submit only one domain upgrade/downgrade request per form submitted.

If you should have any questions on how to upgrade or downgrade your account, please do not hesitate to contact our Billing Department ( billing@advantagecom.net ).

Account upgrades and downgrades are setup and processed same business day we receive them if the order is received by 3:00 pm Pacific Time. Orders received after 3:00 pm or on holidays or weekends will be setup the next business day. Orders submitted after the 25th of the month may not be reflected on the next month's billing statement.

All fields are required unless otherwise noted. Please submit only 1 request at a time.

Contact Information: Please provide the following contact information:

First & Last name of account holder

Customer ID

Day time phone number

Email address

Upgrade/Downgrade Information
If upgrading from a shared IP account ("Economy") to a dedicated IP account, the site being upgraded will not be accessible from the web for a 24 hour period once we have made the changes while other ISP's DNS servers refresh. If you have FrontPage extensions enabled for this site, there may be complications due to the IP address change. This may require that we move your site to a different server.

The domain you would like to upgrade/downgrade (please submit a separate form for each domain)

What would you like to do to this domain?

Which account do you want to change this domain to? Need to review the different accounts we offer? Click here. Please note that if changing to a Universal Pipe account, your hosting account will be required to be on auto credit card or auto echeck payments. You will be contacted for this information if your account is not already on auto pay.

How do you want to pay for your account? (for prepayment pricing, click here)

Do you want all prepaid domains and services to renew on the same date? (If you have questions about this, please contact our Billing Department) Yes

Comments and Additional information: optional
Additional instructions? Let us know here. Important: if changing to a Universal Pipe account, please list a username and password for your new account.

To help prevent fraud, your IP Address and Hostname are logged when you submit this order.

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Please note that by submitting this form, your old account will be cancelled and a new one setup according to the information provided on this form.

Thank you for your business!

Have a Support Question?
If you have a support-related question regarding your account, please email support@advantagecom.net . Please remember to include your name, your main domain name, and all pertinent information regarding your question. The more information you include, the better we will be able to answer your questions. You may also call support at 1-888-509-8644, or 509-522-3696.

Have a Billing question or need to update your contact information?
If you have a billing-related question regarding your web hosting account, please email billing@advantagecom.net . You may also email any new contact information, i.e. email address, phone number, mailing address, etc. to this address. You may also call billing at 1-888-509-8644, or 509-522-3696.

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