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Reseller Programs

[volume discounts]  [virtual dns]

Note:   These services are intended for use with our "E-Commerce" line of accounts.  The "Universal Pipe" accounts aren't eligible for volume discounts (the discount is already built in) and have Virtual DNS built in for free.

We Welcome Resellers
Once you're a customer, you can resell our services. You can charge whatever you want and include whatever features you want for your customers. If you have a feature, that feature is probably available to your customers as well. That's what being a "reseller" is all about. You resell what you purchase.

For those who are serious about reselling, we have a few incentives to make it worth your while to resell our services. We offer volume hosting discounts and virtual DNS services. Read on for details.

Volume Discounts
Avid resellers can take advantage of special discounts we offer for high volumes. The way it works is as follows:

Number of Domains


1 to 10

regular price

11 to 50

10% on all services*

51 to 100

15% on all services*


20% on all services*

Stipulations for volume discounts:

  • Any domain or server you host with us counts as one domain for the purposes of the above discounts.
  • Domains on dedicated servers (the server is counted as one domain) and additional disk space do not count towards your total.
  • The discounts are not retroactive and are calculated once each month just prior to billing. So, for example, if you started a month with only one domain and ended the month with 42 domains, you would receive a 10% discount.
  • Your account with us must be on auto credit card payments.
  • If, in any month, your credit card is declined and you fail to pay your bill by the due date, you will lose your discount on the following month. If you pay the following month's bill on time, your discount will be reinstated for subsequent months, provided you request that it be reinstated.
  • There is a $100 one time application fee due at the time of applying as a reseller.

Please note that you don't have to register with us as a reseller to resell your webspace. Registering merely enables special discounts on your account.

* Pager support is excepted from the discount.  Due to the nature of pager support, it cannot be discounted.

[register as a reseller to qualify for volume discounts]


Virtual DNS
This a service that is highly requested by resellers. Basically it sets you (the reseller) up with your own virtual DNS servers. This makes it appear to your customers that you run your own DNS servers.

For instance, without virtual DNS, your customers would see dns1.schmolie.com and dns2.schmolie.com when they looked up their domain in the "whois" system. With virtual DNS, your customers would see dns1.yourdomain.com and dns2.yourdomain.com when they looked up their domain in the "whois" system.

Note: your virtual DNS package price will be based on the number of domains in your account with us. For our customers who have dedicated server accounts with us, there is a flat $100.00 monthly charge for this service. The pricing shown below is for shared hosting accounts.

There is a one time $150.00 setup fee to setup fee to have Virtual DNS service setup.

Here's what it costs:

Virtual DNS Domains

Price per month

Up to 30 domains $29.95 per month + $150.00 one time setup fee
31 to 100 domains $69.95 per month  + $150.00 one time setup fee
101 to 250 domains $124.95 per month   + $150.00 one time setup fee

251 or more domains

$149.95 per month  + $150.00 one time setup fee

[order virtual dns]

Please note: You don't have to be a reseller to order virtual DNS. These services are add on services in addition to your main hosting account with us. These are not stand alone services and require that you purchase an account with us before you can use them.